Saturday, July 19, 2014

Quick update!!

 Just wna say,
school was awesome with this bunch of people(and others who i didn't get to take pix/selfie with).
4 more weeks and sem 1 is coming to an end.
 I will miss y'all so so much! 
Thank you for being a part of me making my school life an easier one.

I'm still working! because im saving up for my own Korea trip teehee 

Taylor Swift's concert with my sis

and meeting Troye Sivan LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my life has been pretty amazing! i met so many new people and made so many happy memories.
I just hope i made an impact in some people's life though hhahaha
i'd try to be nice to all the people i meet. i promise.

Friday, June 20, 2014


How can you hate on someone you barely know? 
Don't you think it's insane?
 because in this society,
you are judge by what others got to say about you
 and what they think about you from what they have heard.

People need to know that they don't know EVERYTHING.
and to be able to judge oh-so-clearly, you need to first stop assuming and clarify.

 you are in no position to judge if you don't even know that person's full name.
Even if you do, you are still in no position to judge unless you're God. 
or maybe because you suck so much that you seek attention through judging others.
oh boy, get a life

And to those GETTING judge, 
stay fucking strong, 
and one more thing you need to know,
is that these bo tai bo ji(nothing better to do) people are just shallow minded. 

Good bye to you, loser.