Saturday, September 27, 2014


too much thoughts tonight man..
u know, 
some people spent their whole life trying to make u smile,
 but on the contrary, 
that special someone can do it within seconds..
 unfortunately, that person doesn't know it.

i have no idea why, 
but this thought keeps running through my mind.
feels like im waiting for something that wouldn't happen to happen. 
so tired with my life, i dont know what im up to

Saturday, August 30, 2014

peace out

It's the end of my Y1S1 life in RP. I met so many people, learnt so many things, created so many wonderful good times with this bunch of classmates. It saddens me so much that we are gna change class next semester. Which means i have to start afresh with new people. I'm so afraid of meeting new people because im afraid of letting people in and then they leave me all of the sudden, especially those i thought i could count on. 

Sometimes i really wonder how my life in RP would be like. Like you see, we have to change class every semester. Which means i have to try and get comfortable with everyone which is somewhat a difficult task because i don't know how to initiate a conversation. Its like what should i say... errrrr,hi???? 

still vividly remember that on the first day of Y1S1, all my classmates were in clique already and im like an awkward penguin... So you see, i have to continue being an awkward penguin for the start of next few semesters :'( 

idk what else i should say because... everything is so messed up. including this post.

keep smiling beautiful people :)